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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ)

Question: How do I cancel my membership account?
Answer: To cancel your membership visit the CCBill Support Page.
If you signed up via TicketsClub visit the Verotel Support Page.
Question: I couldn't login successfully. What should I do?
Answer: To login just go to the Members area. There you enter the username and password we sent you in your welcome email. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Your browser cookies need to be enabled, or set to 'accept all' cookies. If you can not see or hear the security code, please refresh the login page by using CTRL and F5. After too many wrong login attempts only a restart of your PC and your Internet connection will help. You can also wait 24h and you can login again.
Question: How do I play videos on my Apple Macintosh Computer?
Answer: To watch the videos on an Apple Macintosh computer system use the Windows Media Player for Mac. You can download the latest version here.

More Frequently Asked Questions
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More Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I download ZIP files?
Answer: ZIP downloads are available for all models that are completely published. The ZIP comes with the final update. You can download a maximum of 9 ZIP files per day. The download link is near the bottom of a model page and says "Download the complete photoset as a ZIP file". Example:
Question: Why I get an error message while I try to download a ZIP-File?
Answer: When you try to download more than 9 ZIP-Folders within 24 hours, then you get the message "Download limit exceeded". In this case we recommend you to add your favorite model pictures to your favorites as a reminder to download the ZIP-Folders at your next visit.
Question: How I can add a models picture to my favorites?
Answer: If you watch a models picture and you like it, then you may move your mouse to the grey star (*+) on the left site above an picture. The star will be slide the color from grey to yellow and there is a message which says "Add to my favorite pics". Just click on it. If you like to view your favorite pictures again, just go to the Club section.
Question: I can not watch videos, because I get an error message.
Answer: Our Videos use the file format Windows Media V9. The easiest way to watch AlexBoys Videos is to install the Windows Media Player 10 or higher. Download the latest version here.
Question: What payment options are available?
Answer: Several payment options are available, including: Credit Card, direct debit (EU wire transfer, Lastschrift), or anonymously by phone.


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